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College Trips…

Ok this Blog is a bit different to the everytime OutfitBlogs. As I will be going on a trip to London with college, I thought I’d film one of those “What’s In My Bag?” videos for my channel. I’ve been requested to do this before, but I simply can’t. One reason is because I use 5 bags all in one go without any organisation skills; I just dump things anywhere and everywhere. And seconds, I think I’ll probably surprise myself to see what comes out my own bag.

I’m a rucksack-holic! I just own too many. I think I have about 16-17 rucksacks all different. Some comic, some funky. My two favourites have got to be my Tiger bag, which was in my ROAR OutfitBlog and I had this see-through one that I got from the Tiger Store *My FAVOURITE Store!!!* for only £6. I looked around and found all different colour and sized ones. They’re not as cheap as the one I got unfortunately, but here’s one I found on Etsy. Unlike this one, mine had a green zip, handle and straps, because green is my favourite colour 💚

okkkk… on to my blog…

+ Wait… What Do I Wear?

It’s always important to wear something comfortable on trips, so that you’re comfy throughout and don’t get irritated on your journey because you feel too hot or jeans are too tight or whatever. Because it’s always kinda cold here, I went for a oversized jumper look with some trainers. Oversized jumper so I can stay warm and cosy through the journey and so that I don’t have to carry a jacket around. And the trainers, because I might be walking around a bit, so it’s important to stay comfortable and not get tired feet. I wore the Outfit I wore in my previous OutfitBlog #9.

Making Lists!

+ Lists

The most important thing before going on any trip, is making a proper list. You may have noticed the scrunched papers ^^ . Yeah sometimes I have OCD with making lists; it has to fit on the paper (all on one side) and look NEAT!

I usually have a first bit of paper where I just quickly jot down the things I remember at that point and just add things on later when it comes to me. You can write these down on your notes page on your phones, but I find NotePads a lot neater, quicker and easier to use. I got this nice, long memo pad from Wilkos, which is where I usually get a lot of my stationary from because the quality is spot on and is not costly either. You can get these almost anywhere. If not, Shopping List NoteBooks work the same! Wilkos has this nice Botanika DeskPad for only £1.75, which I might be grabbing myself sometime soon.🙂


Finally scribble down all those things that will be essential! When you think you’re all set and have got all the things scribbled down, write them up neater! It helps a lot. Firstly, it makes you go through the list again and makes sure that you’ve not missed anything out (or written doubles if you’re a bit like me 😃). Secondly, it’s all neat and easier to review when ticking off.

**TOP TIP** Make these lists way before time so that you have time to go shopping if you have things missing!

+ Making Sure It’s All There!

“You probably had everything on the list and it was all there, but how did you forget?!”

Common mistake and it happens all the time. AGGHHH!!! Yep frustration! And there’s so much you can do about this:

  1. Go around with your list and bag and dump the things in straight away. Don’t forget to tick off obviously! This is good but organisation is all Higgledy Piggledy! (<damn I’ve always wanted to use that word! 😂)
  2. I prefer this one better! >>> Go round collecting all the essentials from your list and tick them off. Pile these somewhere somewhat spacious. I tend to go for my bed. This is only because if I do leave anything on my bed and notice it when I get into bed, I can just put it into my bag. Also, piling them up can help go through the list again as you put them into your bag, making sure it’s all there!

+ So What Goes In?

My trip is just a day trip to London. Leicester to London is about 2-3hours and then back again, so kinda long. So I need to be prepared for this good! Gotta be prepped for these long journeys otherwise no fun! So here what’s I put in!


Because it’s just a day trip, I won’t be needing much! But they’re all essential!

I dumped all these things into a RuckSack I bought from my trip to Venice for about €7 (which is around £5). I love this rucksack because it’s got loads of pockets and it’s drawstring and button security. I love this rucksack for travels because it’s organised because of all the pockets and it’s quite spacious too.

  1. First thing first…FOOD! Can’t be any trip without food. I’ve just stashed in some of my favourites. Let’s thank Tescos here for their amazing selection on junk 😃. I picked up fizzy straws because fizzy straws are always a travel essential!!!! Every trip I take, I have to have a good stash of these, especially the Cola ones.
    *I keep an emergency one in my toiletry bag… shhhh* As a chocoholic, chocolate is also key and I’ve got to have this in my bag. Tesco Everyday Value White Chocolate is probably one of my favourite white chocolates EVER! And what’s even better its only like 30p! Oh and not to forget a packet of crisp. Walkers Ready Salted it is and a childhood favourite Snaps. Don’t forget a bottle of water or juice to keep you hydrated throughout!!
  2. Toiletries too! I pick the hygiene stuff. By this I mean Hand Sanitizer, a pack of wipes and tissues. They’re always an essential and no one should leave the house without these no matter what trip. I also bagged hand lotion and a body spray, so that you feel and smell fresh. Long journeys can kick up a stink, so these are quick to grab when needed!

  3. Cash, Cash, Cash! This is an obvious pick up. But grabbing your card isn’t just enough. Pick up some loose change and some notes too. You don’t want to be taking out your card for small purchases. So a couple of quid in your pocket and purse is key and quick on the go. (I’ve picked up a good amount of 5Ps because Plastic Bags you see 😂)

    Money and a Dozen 5p Coins
  4. Gadgets on the Go! All new tech. It’s all in. Long journeys can get boring, so grab your gadgets and have some fun on the long trips. Download some good games beforehand so you can have them ready for you when you need them. Go for addictive games, even if you think they might be boring. I’m not a fan of CandyCrush but it sure is addictive and before you know it an hour has passed!
    *Make sure your devices are all juiced up. Carry a portable charger or a PowerBank. You’ll need these!*

  5. Sometime GadgetLess! Not everyday gadgets… I tend to grab a book to read on the way. It’s just another adventure on the way. For this trip, as it’s an English trip, I’ve grabbed my English notebook, which I got from Wilkos for only 25p. YES 25P! I like these Notebooks because they’re hole punched. So if I wanted to put this into my English Ringbinder Folder, I can just slip it in. Secure. I also took my sketchbook because I take that everywhere with me, because ART IS LIFE! And not to forget some basic stationary like pens and pencils and stuff. I’ve also picked a small Handy Jotter Pad, which I also got form Wilkos for 10p. Good for quick notes.

  6. Spares! Always carry spares! Always ready for any slips or trips or any other accidents. Girls you know what I’m talking about! I tend to carry spare black leggings and/or a black long sleeve top. Only because they go best with any outfit so it doesn’t add a random colour and make you look silly after a change of clothing. Anything can happen on a trip, food or drink spills and other accidents, and can ruin your clothes so spares are always and essential!
  7. PlasticBags! Always make sure you have at least one plastic bag in your bag at all times. These come in handy in emergencies of all sort. Maybe to carry out some shopping that you may have done or if one of your shopping bags have ripped (a.k.a. Primark bag!) Or even just to carry your spare or dirty clothes in.
    *And now that these bags are for 5p, make sure you have one handy!*
    I’ve grabbed a JD one because I couldn’t find my drawstring one. I think these are really useful because they’re easy to carry around.

    Drawstring Bags
  8. Good Company & Good Music! No journey is good without good company or good music. So my playlist is sorted and so is my travel buddy. My beautiful friend Amina, who’s always a good company to be with 😘IMG_6773
    My music is sorted and so is this travel essential. These foldaway headphones, which I got my brother for SecretSanta but use myself, are super amazing! The quality is great and they’re foldaway too so they fit into the small pockets on my rucksack and are easy to handle and carry about too. I got these from my favourite store, the Tiger Store, for just £5.

    Foldaway Headphones

Ok I think that’s about all (I think)! Travel Safe Guys, Don’t Forget Your Essentials And Most Importantly HAVE FUN!


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