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It’s been a very long time since my last outfit blog, so I’ll hit it up with a couple of outfit blogs today.

I’ve been feeling the pinks lately, and for not being a pink kinda girl, I feel like I’m losing my tomboyish self. So this outfit blog is a little throwback to one of my favourite chillaxed go-to outfits.

Starting with my baseball jacket. This baseball jacket has to be one of the best baseball jackets out there, not only because it has a nice navy blueish tone to it but because it looks and feels like an original. This one is a very old one and actually belonged to my uncle over 15 years ago, so it is from the men’s section. So thank you Mama for looking after it well and Uncle Zak for making sure it was always in top notch condition. 😉😉

Its super comfy and is not like most of the newer baseball jackets that are out there at the moment. The baseball jacket is not too thick and not too thin either, so perfect for the UK Spring (is when this photoshoot was done). It was bought from H&M in the L.O.G.G. range, which I love. L.O.G.G. is a simple, basic clothing range, which is brilliant for easy everyday looks. With H&M being a very reasonably priced store, it makes it just better when the quality of it is amaaaazing!

I searched ‘baseball jacket’ on the H&M website and found a nice looking baseball jacket from the men’s section, which even better because it’s quality may be similar to mine, from the L.O.G.G. range. However unlike my baseball jacket, this cotton baseball jacket is unlined, so it might be slightly thinner and like most of the bomber jackets out there. And for £19.99, I think it’s a good one to bag! ~ Here’s what it looks like:

Now onto my jeggings… My jeggings are from Matalan and they are the superesttt of comfortness. They’ve been through wash a gazzilion times and the colour still remains, which is usually really unlikely with dark coloured jeggings. These jeggings as well as a selection of jeggings say what they are. I mean they are an in between of leggings and jeans. Unlike a lot of brands, the jeggings might as well be leggings (or slightly thicker), but the Matalan jeggings are the real deal with the real feel. They have the feels of jeans, keeping the leggings type comfort and stretchiness in mind. They are one of the most comfy denims I own and are ones I’d always recommend. Lucky enough they have them all year round! Brilliant innit?! For a pair of jeggings, £12 can be somewhat pricey, considering you can find cheaper ones elsewhere. However, knowing these will last you a very long time, bearing in mind I’ve had mine for nearly two years now and they’re still going strong💪, it’s worth every penny!

I love this top! This top is my go-to everywhere top. I wear this on long road trips, airports, dunno-what-to-wear-days, sleepovers, EVERYWHERE! aha… Anyway, it’s one of my favourite tops and I got it in the sale from Gap. It’s an oversized off-white top with loads and loads of holes in places of polka dots…. ((Wait let’s restart because that was the worst description ever!)) Ermm it’s a very very chilled oversized comfy top with holes in it. **Cue the image because my descriptions are getting nowhere 🙈 **top.jpgI found this oversized mesh top at Asos for £15, which is quite pricey and I wouldn’t buy it myself. I got mine for £6 on sale from Gap, so quality-wise its brilliant! However there are a few on eBay, but sizes could be a problem so not much of a recommendation to purchase one off there. Here’s what the Asos one looked like.mesh top asos.jpgFor my shoes and accessories, I wore my favourite pair of shoes like ever! My personalised Reeboks! Mama got me the men’s Ex-O-Fit because we both liked the one strap better than the female two strap. They were Mama’s teenage dream and I’m living it aha 😝

A deep reddish scarf in a wrap-around style to keep it a chilled look and to match the red deep stripe on the cuffs and around the bottom of the jacket.

And the old rucksack. I am a complete rucksack person so I grabbed this ‘Crash!Bang!Boo!’ rucksack out of my collection to go with my boyish attire. I bought this funky ‘sack from a stall in Blackpool. I found one with the same print on eBay with a different ‘sack style. This one includes a chain and an extra middle pocket, and the back of the ‘sack is all black, whereas mine is covered in the print (including the straps)bag ebay front.jpg

Here are ‘some’ snaps from today’s outfit …


Summer, Where Ya At?!
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Screw You Muna For Getting My White On The Mud


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