Twinning Again

Hey Girlies…

Back at it with the twinning!

So another overdue Outfit Blog! (Early Spring Blog and It’s Now Nearly Autumn!)

Me and my sister went with the twinning shirts this time. We both got our shirts from NewLook. I actually “borrowed” my shirt from my G’Ma and I had gone and got the same shirt for my little sister around the same time. Ay Great, Fashionable Minds Think Alike 😋     

This shirt is super comfy and I love the dark tones that it has and the cool tones it brings to the early Spring, where it still feels like Winter. Yepp that’s British weather for you. The material of this shirt does feel slightly fleecy yet a thin material, so it’s perfect for these cool temperatures. Though slightly fleecy, its not warm for the hotter days. So it’s a all rounder shirt for all the temps we’re getting this early stages of Spring.


I’m wearing a size 10 and my sister is wearing a Petite size 8, both which fit perfectly. When it comes to shirts, the sizes do vary massively and don’t button up even when you’ve got your usual size. I think when it comes to these checkered shirt, they’re always the perfect size and especially the ones from NewLook.

I love NewLook shirt sizes, they’re always a match! I’m quite liking the double pocket trend too. It gives a nice edgy look to all the shirts. Here’s one shirt I quite liked below from NewLook. The plaid lines are close and has more of that dark blue, which is currently my favourite colour.


It used to be thought that wearing two different colours of a similar shade was a complete No-No! But I’m a total navy and black colour combo fan. I think the two pair up really well (though it does depend on what you wear). The darker tones of my shirt are navy and wearing a pair of navy jeans/jeggings would be totally cliché. So I went with the Navy-Black Colour Combo and paired my shirt with my absolute favourite Matalan High-Waisted Super Skinnies – when they were black that is – as worn in my OldJumpers Outfit Blog.

I wore a black hijab in a simple two wrap hijab style as shown in my first Hijab tutorial. And to compliment the white boxes on my shirt, I wore my personalised Men’s (yes mens!) Hi Ex-O-Fit #ClassicReeboks.


In contrast, but in complete comfort, my sister opted for a pair of black leggings and comfy boots. Super comfy leggings from H&M Kids and boots which are probably from Clarks. I can’t remember 🙊 . But they’re one of her comfiest pair, and for a chilled and lazy-most-times person like her, Clarks are the perfect pair of shoes anyone could get her! To complete her chilled look, a braid for the outfit.

Her #FarmGirl Outfit vs my #CityGirl Outfit. Which Is Of Your Preference?

Below are some Rare! cute photos of me and my sister. Jwk we always too cute 😝😝





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