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Hey girlies…

Ok for a second, forget the outfit. I think I might have just found myself the best background for my pictures! A minute silence for great backgroundness. Lol ok maybe not… Although the background is 😍😍

This outfit might just be one of my favourite outfits of all time. It’s the most chillaxed outfit and what’s good is that it was great for the weather we had today. It wasn’t too hot but wasn’t too cold either. So just put on a grey and black PVC (a bit like leather but really thin) hooded jacket on top to keep me warm from the cold breeze. I didn’t feature it in my pictures unfortunately, but might do in my next one.

Anyway onto my outfit…

I wore a “NO Pictures Please” statement top, which I “borrowed”, yes borrowed I promise 😜, from Mama. She got this from SimplyBe really cheap. It’s in a size 12 I think so it creates a baggy kinda look. SimplyBe is sister company to Jacamo, who sell trendy and fashionable clothes for people that are plus sized and still look good. But to be honest, sometimes I nip in myself to check out some of the clothes they have to offer. Their clothes are super trendy and not to forget great quality too. So no harm in buying some for yourself even if you aren’t plus sized.

Back to where I left of…
This long top, almost like a t-shirt dress, is perfect to wear with leggings, which I have worn with myself in this outfit. It can look really good with coloured baggy trousers, to create the ultimate casual, comfy, chilled look, with a pair of funky sandals or pumps. Now that the sun is out, colour it up!

As it’s a baggy top, it creates a chilled kinda look. The slits on the sides give it a slight edge to it too. I love slits!

*Top Tip* When buying a long top that is not fitted or is baggy or extremely casual, look for slits. Long tops can sometimes create what I call “the imaginary belly.” So slits can get rid of that “imaginary belly” and in fact can sometimes make you look slimmer too.
But also remember: Don’t feel too self-conscious about the way you look because you are perfect in your own way and appreciate and love yourself!

Okk so… The big fonted “NO Pictures Please” is the best! Oh, the irony! A fashion blogger wearing a top that says “NO Pictures Please” 😄 😄 The font was big, bold and funky too. Mama bought this a while ago, so they don’t have it. Miss Guided have a similar one without slits with a nice rolled up sleeves look. So I’d deffo say go grab one for yourself because they’re just soo cool. One of my favourite tops by far! And if you’re in for a jumper/sweatshirt for an extremely chilled out look, eBay have some for grabs.
The sleeves were short, so I just wore a £2.50 Primark long sleeved inside.

I felt lazy and so did the outfit, so I paired it with a khaki-ish coloured scarf in a “flip-back” style for an easy and simple look. I got this for a pound at our Leicester Market. Me and Mama love markets and this one is the Heartbeat of our city and also Voted Britain’s Best Market!!! The “flip-back” scarf style goes perfectly when you have necklaces or collars that you want to make visible under the scarf. To match my scarf, I wore boots of a similar shade. (It was the other way round actually. I wore my scarf to match my shoes 🙈) But anyway… I wore these boots in my Spots and Stripes OutfitBlog. Unfortunately my pics have been disappearing for some odd technical issue so I don’t think there is a picture of how I styled them there.

I’ve wanted a similar black pair like these ones for a while but when I seen these, I had to pick them. I don’t usually go for coloured shoes as much as they are 😍 and I get tempted. But I just feel like I won’t wear them and they’ll just be  a one time thing. These shoes I’ve got to say though, are so light-weight and easy to put on. They’re the perfect on the go shoes and go with almost anything. Another advantage of these is that they’re “mixed-season” shoes and look just as good in Summer as they do in Winter.

I picked up my pair from the Sale rack in Schuh, because who doesn’t like a good sale. It’s branded Melissa. They mostly do rubber-like shoes in all styles and they are super comfortable, not to forget the pair I bought smelt like blueberries, No Lie!🍇 *That’s a Grape Emoji*
Anyway…. I think £7 for these shoes are not bad at all compared to what you could find in Primark or New Look, quality wise. Luckily my size was the last pair they had so whipeee!!! When I got home, I thought I’d check the brand out a bit. I found them on Asos for £65 on sale. They don’t have them in the UK store anymore, but I found them on the USA site for $65 on sale from $97 (which is approximately £70). SAVING ME OVER £60!!!

For my accessories, I wore  a ring from a bunch of ten rings I got for just 99p with letterings on it such as ‘Love’,’Hope’,’Luck’ etc… I blindly picked one out of a little box in the morning and got Wisdom. They’re somewhat motivating I guess, especially when they’re randomly picked to surprise in the morning! I also had on a necklace, which my aunty got for me from Tunisia. It has my name written in Arabic. I do wear this often, but it’s usually hidden away under my top or under my scarf.

… So enough of the blogging… Here are ‘some’ snaps from today’s outfit …






Smile ☺️


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