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This ones a bit different from the usual OutfitBlog and my very first food blog. Yay!

So I came home to find out my brother and Mama were going for a meal and so I did what I do best, tag along. 😛  I love being annoying and the #UninvitedGuest sometimes, because why miss out? loolimage1

Anyway, back to Marco&Carl…

Marco&Carl is a halal, family owned restaurant that has been recently been opened here in Leicester with it’s first branch in Preston. As they say, “it’s about time that Leicester had a good halal place!” ~ TripAdvisor

Me, my brother and Mama went during Lunch Hours, where they have a special offer. Woohoo! Special Offers! Don’t we just love them! This offer was well worth it, though some dishes were not included. So we got offered with a Main with a Starter OR a Dessert for only £10. Now that isn’t bad at all. We ordered chips and drinks separately.

So Starters. 😍😍😍IMG-20160528-WA0012.jpgNo Exaggeration, but seriously the best starters I’ve had in a very long time! Mama and Shahbaaz (my brother) picked starters for the offer to go with their mains. Mama went for the Carl’s Secret Sauce Wings. She LOVED them… #DirectQuote

Oh My God! I’ve been looking for these everywhere! These are the best wings I’ve had in a very long time!

Too Tempting To Take A Picture First

These wings were seriously delicious! The sauce is slightly spicy, with a sweet background and a peppery touch.. The sauce is so good, no wonder its a Secret. The meat comes off the bone so easily and it’s a serious finger licking matter!
I think we all would recommend picking these on the menu!
On to the French Cut Lamb Chops. Boy these were 👌👌👌. Really tender, really succulent, really amazing. The perfect chops, I believe. They were perfectly marinated, with a sweet, sticky sauce and some spice. Oooh they were 😍! Easily pulled off the bone; in fact the meat slid right off the bone. Absolutely delicious Lamb Chops. This came with a Roquito Mash, smooth, spiced and well seasoned. Roquito chilli was proved to be a perfect combo with mash by the experts here at Marco&Carl.
THIS IS MASSIVE RECOMMENDEDATION! Go and get yourself them now if you can!IMG_1116

Mains 😝

I picked the most popular Blazing Crumbed, which is a Chicken Breast in a Spicy Crumb, Chilli Sauce, Mayonnaise, Cheese, Salad, Burger Mayo & Jalapeno. Ooh not to forget the big Italian tomato slice. The Perfect Combination For A Delicious Burger. The spicy crumb chicken breast was first fried then grilled to bring it to the right crunchiness.

Crunchy Crumbs

Mama got the Carl’s Chicken Burger. Her and Carl loool. First she got the Carl’s Secret Sauce Wings and now the Carl’s Chicken Burger. Anyway this was a Chicken Patty coated in Carls Secret Sauce, Cheese, Salad, Burger Mayo & Peppadew Pepper. Again with the Carl’s Secret Sauce, this made a really delicious patty. The Peppadew Pepper brought a slight sweetness to the dish, which was spot on. It was a really good burger. But I personally still preferred my Blazing Crumbed Chicken Burger.

Carl’s Chicken Burger

Shahbaaz went for the Bombay Chicken Burger. This was an ordinary Chicken Patty (like the previous burger), Carls Chilli Chutney, Salad, Burger Mayo, Cheese, Poppadom & Jalapeno. Though this had a really nice Indian twist to it, it was kind of simple. The poppadom added a nice crunch to the burger to and was placed under the patty for that last second crunchy bite. But it did eventually go soggy and soft because of the juices in the burger. Good concept though. It was tasty but could be described as ordinary in my opinion. So I would recommend this one but not as much as the other two burgers.

Bombay Chicken Burger

Overall the burgers were Deeelicious 😊 Really enjoyed them. The Buns were really nice. Sometimes Burger Buns can be dry or slightly stale-like, but these buns were quite fat and really soft. Slightly Brioche-like and really tasty.

Each burger comes with their own homemade coleslaw, which was really creamy. I think I tasted apple in it, not too sure, but it was really nice. Unfortunately it was just about a teaspoon of it and we would’ve loved a little more, maybe.

What was really funky was their presentation with the sauces. They used like a strawberry jammy kinda sauce and a tangy, but sweet mango pulp sauce. I thought it was a crazy but really cool combination because it actually went really well with the dish. I loved it, in fact we all did. 😆 #SoCool

Crazy Sauce Alert!

Sides 😀

We went for three different ones… I went for the Cassava Chips because I LOVE Cassava! They came with a sprinkle of Chilli Powder, just how I like them to be. Mama went for the House Chips, which were what we though basic chips. But they turned out to be SUPER FAT Chips. Like really super fat! They were nice and fluffy and really tasty. Shahbaaz got himself some Sweet Potato Chips. These were perfect and thinly cut, with a sprinkle of sea salt. Pricing wasn’t too bad either; around a pound-something.👍

Drinks 🍸

All three of us went for the Mojitos.

Shahbaaz went for his usual Passion Fruit flavoured, because that’s his favourite flavour! But also because it’s the most popular in the restaurant, alongside the Strawberry Mojito, which I went for. It was a mix of sweet and tangy, which I loved! Mama went for the Ginger Mojito and she quite liked that one too. The Combination of sweetness with citrus and mint flavours, was absolutely refreshing and much needed.


And Finally…

Dessert 🍰

I’m the clever one, so I got dessert instead of a starter with my Lunch Time Deal! I ordered a Cookie Dough Bonanza. Sounds Tasty Right?! Well it sure was! Hot Cookie Dough layered on Chocolate Walnut Fudge Brownie, Chocolate Fudge Sauce topped with crushed Oreos & ice-cream. Ooooft! Had me at first sight 😍😍😍.

I loved it, clever man brought three spoons because he knew that Mama and Shahbaaz were sure to dig in too. 😃 Though the cookie dough was made for one, I was so stuffed, I was thankful that these two came to the rescue. We all loved the cookie dough, especially with the addition of the Oreos and the fudge brownie.IMG-20160528-WA0007

Most Importantly, Service!

I’ve got to say the service provided on the day was Excellent. The food was served really quickly and well presented. The staff were friendly and not as awkward to talk to, had a slight sense of humour and made us feel really welcome.

The restaurant itself had a warm and cosy atmosphere and comfortable seating. Brown, wooden and dim lights, definitely my kinda place.

Much Recommended Place, Do Visit! (Take Me Along Too! 😜)





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