#Love Your Skin


I’m Kainaat,

This is my first blog, so let’s keep it ‘simple’

As a young woman, living in the UK, it can sometimes become difficult to balance between faith, fashion and society.

Spots, pimples and scars can be disappointing and make one feel ugly. It lowers self-esteem and self-confidence majorly. It just makes everyday feel like a bad day. It just makes you want to sit at home and cover your face with a paper bag and cry all day. Okay that might be a bit over the top. But somewhat yeah, it’s true.

There are so many ways and techniques these ‘experts’ say to get rid of these ugly things. But do they actually work. Majority of the time…No! So how do you get rid of this ugly feeling? Make up? Well yeah that does cover it all up, but they are all still there.

I used to hate my skin and all the spots and scars really used to lower my self-esteem, but now…Well it’s me! It’s part of me, so it’s almost like I love these little flaws and embrace them.

…And that’s how i got rid of that ugly feeling.

I feel so much more confident going out and walking around college, especially. I love my skin and that, to me, is what counts. I know other people will look at you, but to be honest, do they actually notice? No, not really. And even if they do, do they care? Nope. I don’t think so.

So guys. Love Yourself and Love Your Skin. ❤︎

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