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Hijabis & Fashion

We all know there is a big deal about how Muslim women should dress and what’s the real way or the modest way etc.. The fashion industry is always changing and in today’s world, it’s all about consumerism – so buy, buy, buy! But then there’s also objectification, which means being judged by what you wear. No matter what you wear, you will always be judged.

Fashion is part of an individuals’ identity and one can wish to dress the way they wish to. All religions promote modesty and how the individual interprets this, is up to them. As a young Muslim female (and hijabi), I would see modesty and fashion differently to how another fellow sister would. This is all fine until it comes to what I describe as “shaming”.

There’s a lot advertised on Instagram about modesty, hijab and fashion through fashion bloggers, all different in their own fabulous ways, Mashallah. Many Muslims look up to hijabi fashion bloggers like @sebinaah, @dinatokio, @rubazai, @nabiilabee, @habibadasilva@saimasmileslike and @amenaofficial, and many other beautiful Muslim fashion bloggers like @ibreatheshoes and @ezzakinsofficial; they all have different style senses and own definition of modesty. Many are inspirations through their hijab stories and the way they promote the hijab with modest and modern fashion, but some just because “they can dress well” – If you get what I mean…

Muslim women have been on the news quite lately, from the burkini story to @MariahIdrissi being the first Muslim model for high street brand H&M. She says:

‘It always feels like women who wear hijab are ignored when it comes to fashion… so it’s amazing that a brand that is big has recognised the way we wear hijab.’

She goes on to saying that people just aren’t used to seeing Muslim women in fashion – and that it is what one of the problems is. Idrissi tries to explain that fashion is an influential part of life.

“If we were more used to seeing Muslim women, then for all the negative media we hear about Muslims, there would also be a positive side to it as well”

Whilst reading through some blogs, I came across Sabah Choudhry, who believes that, in 2016, the rise in Islamic Fashion must be seen as a political matter. She argues:

My issue is this: why is the hijab ‘acceptable’ only when it’s appropriated and managed by major corporations— Western regimes that, in other words, have the power to permit and regulate what is deemed tolerable, capitalisable and not?

On one hand, she sees it as an example of the West deciding what Muslim women should wear. But on the other, she thinks it’s “a slap in the face to the racist bigots who identify Islam, and the Islamic marker of the hijab, from an Orientalist perspective” – i.e. those who see religions different to their own as ‘exotic’.

She believes that it is a controversial subject and one that many Muslim women feel strongly about. Their initial understanding of the hijab and why they choose to wear it, is the where their difference in opinions come from.

*** Why Women Choose To Wear A Hijab ***

Onto my previous point on shaming. As mentioned, we all have different views on hijab and modesty, and fashion bloggers may choose to promote this through what they feel is acceptable to them. I do agree that sometimes these bloggers may be incorrect in the way they promote the hijab, as it goes against the rulings of Islam. This topic can be brought forward to them. However, there is a difference between advising and shaming. There is an apparent saying in Islam that says ‘advice should be given in secret so it won’t cause embarrassment.’ And even if this isn’t an Islamic saying, it should be making good sense. Some people make decisions in their lives, some of which may be good to them and some of which may be the wrong decision. But this doesn’t mean that we gang up on them; comment on their pictures with hate and ranting about all the bad things they are advertising to the community. And I’m not just on about Muslims here, but everyone in general. Yes some hijabis have parts of their hair out whilst wearing a hijab. It’s incorrect, yes, but instead of ranting out in the comments throwing negatives like:

“You’re a bad influence”

“What are you wearing. This is not hijab”

“Are you a proper Muslim? If you wear hijab like that, then I think not”

… and yes these are real comments…

Wouldn’t it be more nicer if we personally messaged them, explaining why they might be wrong, with some facts and evidence (hadiths). Aren’t we meant to show the World that we’re one Ummah. That we’re here for one another. That we support one another. With all the negativity on Islam in the media already, isn’t this just another bit of proof that “we can’t even be nice to each other, so how can we be nice to the world”.

In the end, who are we to judge anyway?


Over my rant…

Back to our hijabi influences…

I think that the #FaceOfJD competition is a great opportunity for ordinary people of all backgrounds, like me and you, to showcase their individual style and talent, and then to become the official face of JD.

Looking back at our inspirations, like Mariah Idrissi, an opportunity like this is a great way for hijabis to get out their bubble and fuse with modern fashion and be the positive on media. Be Different.

So this year my Big Sis (@saudahkhan_) signed up. She’s a new hijabi, literally only been 2-3 months, and she decided to take this step. Yes Girl! You Got This!

So Show Your Support For My Big Sis Saudah, Your New Hijabi Sister In The Block & A New Face Of JD and Muslim Models. And VOTE!

All you have to do is click the link below and vote!



Just If You Wanna Know A Bit More About The Campaign

So you’ve all probably heard of Face Of JD. This is basically an opportunity for 16 to 24 year olds to become the face of JD and be their official model. They’re not looking for supermodels but just real people like me and you with individual style and talent. Upload your picture and bio and get people to vote. That’s all. Simple right?!

JD, if you don’t know, is acknowledged as the leading specialist multiple retailer of fashionable branded and own brand sports and casual wear in the UK and Republic of Ireland combining globally recognised brands such as Nike, adidas and The North Face with strong own brand labels such as Mckenzie, Carbrini, Supply & Demand and The Duffer of St George.

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