So y’all know me (or just preeing my account) and you probably know that my life is full of fun and banter, Alhamdulillah! Every day is a new day and I embrace it as if the last. I usually am confident, loud and can fit in new places really easily, because I guess that’s how I am. But that’s not always the case; there is also another side to me. Nope I’m not two faced 😆 but there’s a side, which I wasn’t too confident in telling, and so I made a separate account on Instagram. Here I began my fashion blogging. I’ve always had a high interest in fashion and wanted to blog as soon as I ever knew what it was. I decided that fashion blogging would so be on my ‘After GCSE’s Bucket List’ (and even this I just figured out when I found the bucket list). Some of the people I knew requested to follow me, but I just turned them down. Not because I didn’t like them or anything, but because I had a low self-image and I wasn’t ready for anyone I knew to know that I fashion blog. I guess I ‘feared’ what people might say and think I’m too full of myself or whatever the case; I just didn’t want to hear any negativity.

It wasn’t just passion that drove me into fashion blogging, it was to be an inspiration as well. Many of my friends used to ask me how I was so confident in walking out without make up, and others would ask me how I can easily pick out my outfits despite being a hijabi. They were inspired and wished that they could do the same, but they weren’t too ready to do that. And I thought well hey I’d love to be an inspiration and make others feel like it’s okay to walk out without wearing makeup and still feel good, and to also feel okay in whatever you wear because really it doesn’t matter what people think about you. It’s more important to be YOU and love yourself just the way you are.

So, I finally told my really, really close friends a long time after and they were pleased to know that this is what I do. And I guess that really gave me an instant self-confidence boost. And no they’re not the best of blogs, but it’s the genuine feedback I get. The genuine criticism I actually appreciate. Thank You Girlies x

Okay, other than the blogs I write, I’ve made some hijab tutorials and a GRWM video for my channel on those odd days where I felt confident enough to post. But even then I didn’t tell my friends about this. Till date, about 10 people maximum that I know, are following me on my separate account because I’m still not at that confidence level to show what they see is just #HalfTheStory.

I guess today is just one of them days, where I feel that I need to complete the story to y’all. And with the much support I get from my friends and family, especially Mama, I feel that this may just be the right time.

As I write this, I’m still having mixed feelings if I should post or nah? But here it goes…

That’s #HalfTheStory complete!

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  1. Wow, you keep doing what you are doing Kainaat.. Keep up the awesome work! So lovely to finally catch up on your posts especially since I’ve been on a break since the last month.. Oh and a very happy Eid! ❤️ Xx

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