A Quick Update…

hey girlies

It’s been really long since I last blogged or even vlogged. But here’s a really quick update of what I’ve been doing.

The last I blogged was last year OMG! LOL okay maybe just over a month ago >>> 12th December was the last 🙁 sorry girlies. But still…
So since OutfitBlog   #3 …


So it was OutfitBlog   #3… Here’s a quick recap on that


Up went another video on YouTube >>> so check it out HERE!
It’s a quick, slightly volumised hijab tutorial for the all time favourite PomPom scarf ❤
The video went up in a fuzzy state, but its up and so simple to follow. So don’t forget to check it out!


17th December!!! – Birthday Whoooo!!!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any outfit pics on the day and it was a college day so nothing special. Below are some pictures which I happened to find of my outfit. It was a plain off-black/navy-ish dress which I paired with my favourite green pom pom scarf from the tutorial above and some simple black heels.

** sorry for the dodge pictures **

We went out on the big wheel, which was about in Leicester for a while.

We went out for desserts too. Whipee Gelato it was! It was really nice and I’d deffo recommend hey!

My Girlies 😘

Follow Them On Insta Girlies xx – @simrankooner03 @sanjnadattanix @neelamiqbalxo



And A Random Post In Between My Updates …

But Y’all Gotta Check Out This Yemeni Beauty @yasmeenkadri_Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 15.58.56.png Ain’t She A Beauty^^^

She Blogs Too!! So Don’t Forget To Check That Out!!



Then it was my cousin’s Arabian/Moroccan themed 18th birthday party.

I did a GRWM video, which you can find HERE!


It’s just a normal GRWM but with no makeup. I’m out here to make people feel comfortable about their skin and I’m out here to make myself feel comfortable too. Read About #LoveYourSkin.


Don’t forget to check it out… the link is above ^^

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And the beautiful birthday girl *of that day* @saudahxk

They’re beautiful *Say Mashallah*


Then went up OutfitBlog   #4 & #5


That’s About It Y’all … But Watch This Space Because There’s A Lot Coming Through!!!


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