Twinning Again

Hey Girlies… Back at it with the twinning! So another overdue Outfit Blog! (Early Spring Blog and It’s Now Nearly Autumn!) Me and my sister went with the twinning shirts this time.…

FunFairing In Retro

hey girlies… so summer holidays is soon coming to an end and to be very honest, I can’t wait for the end. Sitting three months at home isn’t as fun and exciting…


Hey Girlies… It’s been a very long time since my last outfit blog, so I’ll hit it up with a couple of outfit blogs today. I’ve been feeling the pinks lately, and…



Whoop Whoop Food Blog! This ones a bit different from the usual OutfitBlog and my very first food blog. Yay! So I came home to find out my brother and Mama were…



#HalfTheStory So y’all know me (or just preeing my account) and you probably know that my life is full of fun and banter, Alhamdulillah! Every day is a new day and I…


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    hey girlies.. A Blog A Little Different… (skip to the bottom for deets on the #FaceOfJD campaign & How To Vote!) Hijabis & Fashion We all know there is a big deal…

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Simply Me
Hey! My Name Is Kainaat And I Might Be An Average 17 Year Old But I Like To Believe I'm Not Because We're All Different And Unque, As Well As Perfect In Our Own Way. A Little Crazy When It Comes To Trying Something New Whether It's Food, Fashion or DIY, and Love To Mix and Match Creating Styles That Either Wow or Nah. But Hey No Harm Trying. I'm Looking To Inspire Girls (and Guys) That Spots And Scars Don't Matter And It Shouldn't Affect The Way You Should See Yourself. I'll Be Doing This By Wearing No Make-up In Any Of My Posts. I'm A Foodie And Love To Explore, So Check Out My Food and Travel Blogs Too! Love You Lots xx simplykainaat